What is QPASS?

Quick Psychoaffective Symptoms Scan (QPASS)

Qpass is a self-report instrument measuring the severity of depression, anxiety, anger, and related constructs. Each of the 105 items is rated on a 5-point Likert scale ranging from 0 (not at all) to 4 (extremely). QPASS takes only about 10 minutes for most people to complete.

QPASS provides a very high yield of useful clinical data for such a brief and inexpensive instrument,. Hence, the instrument can be employed in a variety of settings:

Outpatient Mental Health Settings, Inpatient Mental Health Settings, University Counseling Centers, Crisis Intervention / Trauma Settings / Triage, Medical Settings / Emergency Rooms, Scientific Research

In addition to depression, anxiety, and anger,
QPASS measures:

Suicide & Violence Risk, 14 subscales for depression, anxiety, and anger., Global Psychopathology, Psychoticism, Obsessive-Compulsivity, Phobic Avoidant Behavior

QIn sum, QPASS measures a total of 23 constructs of interest to clinicians and researchers in about 10 minutes.