How QPASS  Saves You Time and Money

QPASS  Comprehensively Measures Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Global Psychopathogy  . . . in One Convenient Instrument!

The gold-standard psychological instruments for measuring depression, anxiety, anger  and global psychopathology (that is, the severity of overall distress) were independently developed and are available from different suppliers.

That means that a clinician wanting to accurately measure of the three core emotional dimensions of psychiatric disorders, and overall distress (a good predictor of treatment length) would have to assemble a time-consuming, cumbersome and expensive test battery.

This is why many busy, cost-conscience therapists don’t even do testing, increasing the risk of missing important psychological issues and patients not receiving the best treatment.

QPASS was developed as a way to solve this problem. How?  By offering clinicians the convenience of a single high-quality instrument to accurately assess all four constructs — depression, anxiety, anger, and global psychopathology — in only 10 minutes and for less than a dollar per use!

So why pay more when QPASS has high correlational validity coefficients with each these gold stand instruments, and can assess all four constructs in one convenient instrument?

QPASS Comparison